And So It Begins

Anstruther – East Neuk of Fife


I guess it makes sense to do a little introductory post for any of you who may find me. I’m Megan and I live in Aberdeen with my boyfriend and our cat, Two Socks. I’m a PA but I’ve been considering starting a blog for years now as a creative outlet.

My boyfriend is fed up of me taking pictures every time we go out to eat (not sorry) and doing nothing with them but I have always stumbled at the first hurdle of blogging – naming it!

I have my sister to thank for ‘Madge’ and for a lot of the adventures I’ll detail on this blog so a big thank you to Leanne.

Really I just want this to be a space for me to post pictures of scenery (predominantly of Scotland but who couldn’t appreciate that?!) and the aforementioned plates of food and keep a record of the great things I’m lucky enough to experience! So if those things are of interest to you then this may be a page to come back to. No obligation of course.

Life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings –Frank Turner

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