Aberdeen Inspired Nights on the Green

We are so fortunate here in Aberdeen to have the organisation ‘Aberdeen Inspired’ bringing festivals, events and other exciting initiatives to the city.

One of their most recent ventures is the Inspired Nights on the Green which brings a street food market to a great, in my opinion undervalued, little spot in the city centre.

The wonderful art above was painted last year as part of our inaugural Nuart Festival (I will likely post about this later) and it totally transformed the frontage of the Aberdeen Market, giving a new lease of life to the Green.

I popped down for lunch today to check out what was on offer and I was not disappointed! For only the second running of the event it was good to see a fair sized crowd of all ages gathered.

I came hungry and didn’t really know where to begin, eventually making my way to The Pitt stand for bao! It’s one thing that is a struggle to get in Aberdeen so I never like to miss out.

I went for the halloumi with hoi sin sauce, cucumber and slaw and my sister went for the chicken katsu. Both went down a treat! I probably wouldn’t have considered using halloumi (even though I eat it plenty) but it really worked with the other flavours and was a nice meat alternative.

Halloumi Bao

After a very brief breather, I headed to Eat Van Drink, lured in by their board detailing fish tacos and Cajun prawns. I’ve yet to try mussels and, to be honest, I’m not in any rush!

Look at the Citroen van. Outstanding!

I went for the prawns, Leanne had the fish tacos and was delighted they were proper corn tortillas (Mexico last year spoiled us for life with real corn tortillas).

The prawns were huge, really meaty and absolutely delicious. The cajun flavouring had a smoky hit without being overpowering. I would recommend plenty napkins though as I managed to get myself in an absolute mess, not helped any by the breeze that got up as I tucked in!

After demolishing those I made my last stop at the Foodstory truck for some brownies to take home. It was only supposed to be one brownie but you’ll learn I have no self control when it comes to food. Who could choose between strawberry cheesecake and salted caramel really though?!

That caramel!

All in all I was really impressed and would definitely like to go back of an evening, have a few drinks and enjoy what I’m sure would be a more party atmosphere.

You can find Aberdeen Inspired and the various vendors I have mentioned on Facebook and Instagram. Once I work out how to link pages I will update this post but in the meantime I hope you enjoy!

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