Tulum, Mexico

My sister Leanne and I had always discussed going away for her thirtieth birthday and, in part thanks to The Londoner (check out her blog, she is currently sharing posts about her wedding and it is wonderful), we settled on Tulum.

Tulum is about an hour and a half south of Cancun on the Riviera Maya and it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!

We booked ten nights at the beginning of November, staying at the Hotel Posada 06 just off the main street in Tulum. We aren’t really the all inclusive sort and wanted to get out there and try all the food on offer!

On arriving well into the evening, we initially insulted our taxi driver (by having no concept of the equivalent value of pesos, not intentionally – and we did ask him what was an appropriate tip and fix our error) then headed out for dinner.

The first of many

Obviously I had my priorities straight! But we did order dinner as well…

Fish tacos and chicken tacos. Proper corn tacos as well. I didn’t even realise what I had been missing having flour tortillas at home!

Genius as well in that they put a ‘buffer taco’ as I have decided to call it, which caught stuff that fell out of your first one as you ate. Honestly, a revelation.

We sloped off to bed not long after dinner, the travelling catching up to us and eager to be up and on the go in the morning.

VW Bug’s were a popular choice around Tulum and I, for one, was delighted. Look at the tyres on that beast?!

We spotted this one on our walk to the beach (don’t do it wearing new Birkenstocks) and when arrived we were spoiled by an even better view.

The stuff of postcards! This was a private little cove linked to a hotel but you could pay for drinks and food to keep a spot so we settled in for lunch. Aiming not to have tacos for every meal, I went for a Greek salad. Simple but so delicious and fresh in the blazing sunshine!

Forgive the pasty legs but it was only day one and I am Aberdonian!

Sadly not long after lunch a big grey cloud rolled over the horizon,

Atmospheric but not ideal for the beach so we headed back into town, thankfully, for my torn up feet, in a taxi this time!

We spent the afternoon moseying about the main street and getting our bearings, mainly picking out all the places we would eat over the next 9 days and dipping in and out of the numerous souvenir shops. The vibrant colours of the gifts and trinkets would catch anyone’s eye and I’m a bit of a sucker for those types of things, especially when on holiday.

Later on we found a spot on the street at a restaurant that was busy enough to recommend itself! There was a big group of people next to us who, judging by their accents, were from all over the world, ordering up an absolute storm. I don’t think the two of us did badly ourselves though.

Nachos and pickled veg
Crispy fish tacos
Guacamole and queso con chorizo

All of it was delicious, particularly the queso. I will say though that I’m glad we went for lemonade because that salsa at the top there next to the nachos was thereafter dubbed ‘death salsa’ and we measured the heat of anything else we ate the whole trip against that salsa!

Dinner that night wasn’t too special sadly but one iffy meal in ten days isn’t bad going.

We had kicked off Mexico right and I was excited to explore more in the following days. Check back in for part two if you’re interested in seeing more of our adventure (it’s not all tacos I promise).

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