Tulum part two

Twolum? Too much?!

Having settled in a little bit to the Mexican way of life, we spent another day down at the beach, finding another little cove to settle into. It’s not as though we were going to get bored of the view.

Making the sensible decision to take a taxi down this time, we were fortunate to receive a recommendation for lunch from our driver and he clearly knew what he was talking about!

Mateo’s Mexican Grill!

So good we went back on our last day and we are not people who like to repeat when there are so many options.

The staff were lovely, the food was some of the best we had all trip and if it suits you, there are tv screens covering the sports channels.

Nachos with some fresh salsa and fish tacos (if memory serves me correctly they bill them as the best fish tacos in Tulum – and they were definitely up there in our rankings).

This sharer platter was basically why we made a return visit. King prawns, chorizo and flank steak strips all dunked in the well of guacamole contained in this sacrificial bowl looking vessel! Utterly delicious all of it.

Our afternoon was spent sipping cocktails at another beach bar with another spectacular panoramic view. There’s definitely a pattern to our days so far!

Dinner involved a cheese pull that I still think about now…

The queso was great, the mains pretty average so no photographic evidence of those. A few margaritas later and we crashed out again.

The only thing of note the next day was the spot we stumbled upon for brunch! An interesting Mexican fusion effort it was a pleasant surprise for somewhere we settled on because we had walked too far and were both hungry. Sadly the name escapes me but if I manage to track it down I will add it (you can tell I’m new to the blog thing).

Apologies for the sun cream haze on the photos but you get the gist. Eggs Benedict with super crispy bacon and this amazing mole sauce which added a whole different flavour level to a dish we all know well enough.

There was also a pizza with lobster and a poached egg. My photo is rubbish so I’m not even going to post it but if ever you get the opportunity to try lobster on pizza, do it. Just say yes!

The days were passing in a blur of sun, sea, margaritas and cheese. It was the dream if I’m honest but we had booked an activity in advance for one of our days.

Zip lining! Leanne had done her research and we made our way out to Selva Maya Eco Adventure Park (no thanks to our taxi driver who had no idea what we were talking about and spend the initial part of the journey having a very loud, very intense discussion on her phone while driving at a speed that had me gripping the sides of my seat). On arrival we were met by the most enthusiastic tour guides who had us fill out what I can only describe as a safety disclaimer.

We were joined by three guys from Boston and off we went into the jungle in this…

Rustic but all part of the experience!

The guys explained all the necessary safety aspects to us and it was no time before we were up in the trees ready to go.

I absolutely loved all the different lines and had an absolute ball. It was thrilling without feeling too dangerous at any point.

After completing all the zip lines, we had the opportunity to try our hand at some rock climbing and abseiling. That photo is Leanne ever so gracefully descending the wall. I gathered too much speed – safe to say I don’t think I’ll be taking on a career as a stunt person any time soon!

After everyone had had a go at that, we got to experience snorkelling in an open cenote. Having never snorkelled and not being an overly confident swimmer I was wary but it was wonderful!

The water was so clear and our guide was brilliant. He explained the significance of cenotes in Mexican culture (worth a google) and gave us a tour of the different nooks and crannies of the space.

Our second cenote was totally different in that it was completely underground. We all trooped down a set of wooden stairs into a huge underground cave. We didn’t get to free swim as the stalagmites needed careful manoeuvring so we followed a set path, led by our guide. It really was spectacular. I’m not sure my photos even begin to do it justice but I’ve popped a few below anyway.

The only things keeping us company were these guys

Who were remarkably unfazed by our presence.

Emerging back into the daylight made the cenote seem all the more surreal but it was lunch time and there was no doubt we had all worked up an appetite.

One of the guides was responsible for the food and if I could personally thank his grandmother for her pork recipe I would. It was tacos all round and they were undoubtedly the best we ate. Nothing like good food after a morning of activity.

A basic set up but honestly I couldn’t praise them enough for it. There was a cold beer if you wanted it (softs if you didn’t), a variety of salsas, all different levels of heat from mild to blow your head off and as many tacos as you could eat. The perfect way to round off an altogether fab day out.

Check out Selva Maya here – http://selvamaya.travel

I couldn’t recommend them enough!

I’m going to sign off on part two of my Mexican adventure here but there’s another post to come. It involves the ruins and more food (no surprise there).

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