Last days in Tulum

It turned out that our ten nights in Mexico were flying by. We had had a day at the public beach (a taxi driver took us and we realised we had been missing out by going to private hotel beaches).

It’s so so beautiful.

It also involved a stand out lunch. If you’re not fed up of looking at tacos yet scroll on.

The top ones were on the menu as flank steak and cheese. I had eaten a lot of fish tacos to this point so fancied trying something different. Little did I know the actual taco shells were going to be made out of cheese! Better than I could have ever imagined.

Leanne went for prawn which were also delicious, big meaty prawns and finished with a really tasty marinade/dressing.

We lazed away the afternoon reading and soaking up the sun before traipsing back up the beach, still exclaiming over how lucky we felt to be there.

I’m going to throw some pictures of our dinner the following night in here because it is worth a mention. We pitched up at El Milagrito just off the main drag in Tulum.

Both of us ordered prawn dishes and frozen daquiris and we were equally pleased with both.

Loved the glasses!

Leanne had coconut prawns. They were wrapped in crispy noodles and served with something we never did come to a conclusion on. Pickled cabbage, apple, not sure. Lovely though!

I went for prawns wrapped in bacon. Served with rice and the weirdest combo of veg (like the boil in a bag stuff you would get with a roast here) it was such a big portion I couldn’t even finish it but it was delicious!

With only a couple of days left, we figured we needed to find a more efficient way to explore.

Having seen numerous people cycling around Tulum, and with Leanne still not having forgiven me for refusing to cycle Boris Bikes round London, we made the decision to hire bikes. If you’re going to do this, just a heads up that you need photo ID to be allowed to hire and there is a deposit to be paid too. However, had we realised how much freedom the bikes would have given us earlier in the holiday we would have happily gone through the process days before!

Fair chuffed with myself

Also that kimono I’m wearing was like a tenner from Amazon and it was hardly off my back! Who knew clothes shopping on Amazon could be so successful?!

Anyway I digress. On our first adventure on our bikes, we headed for the ruins. We knew we needed to get there fairly early to avoid the masses of tourists on buses who come down from Cancun and other hotels along the Riviera Maya and also to do most of our exploring before the hottest hours of the day.

We paid about 65 pesos each for entry (you would pay more to go on a guided tour but there are info boards around the place so unless you are really interested in an in-depth history lesson, you can get by on your own) and set off.

There is access to a beach through the ruins but it was so so busy!

As you can see it was already busy and I struggled to get photos without other people in them but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Amongst the ruins and the tourists, there are also plenty of these guys,

Some were massive so if you’re not a fan of reptiles, just a heads up!

Thankfully there were some much cuter critters on our way out but you are told not to touch or try to feed them.

They are Coati. Part of the raccoon family and super inquisitive and cheeky.

After all that walking we felt we had earned a margarita so we cycled to a bar with a great view (and 2 for 1 margaritas) and settled in.

It was at this point I tried my first mezcal margarita and safe to say I was not a fan! Far too smoky for my taste, I passed mine to Leanne who had taken a bit of a liking to them.

Suitably tipsy and not sure on the rules about being drunk in charge of a bicycle we rode back into town without incident.

On our last morning we went snorkelling. Thankfully we can laugh about it now (just) but we had the most horrendous time. If you are inexperienced and plan to do some snorkelling from Tulum beach, please do your research. The people we went out with were less than helpful, did not check our gear for us, did not stay with us to make sure we were ok in the water and generally paid us no attention. We were fortunate that there was a lovely Italian couple who were obviously experienced who kept an eye on us far more conscientiously than our paid guide!

Not wanting to finish what had been a wonderful holiday on a low we went back to Mateo’s for lunch, returned our bikes and got dressed up for our last dinner.

Our final morning we did some last minute souvenir shopping before waiting for our bus transfer back to the airport.

Tulum was the most wonderful experience and there was so much we didn’t do! If I was to go back I would be more prepared for the heat (seems an obvious one but I feel like I only really acclimatised in the last few days), would know to hire a bike from the start and would have some definite restaurant revisits and a few I would pass by.

If you’re considering Mexico for a holiday I could not recommend Tulum enough.

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