Six by Nico

Friday the 3rd of August, Leanne and I had a sister day, our first one in a while, and it was lovely to spend some time with her!

It had been planned since we had seen that Six by Nico were doing a Mexican themed menu. We could hardly pass up trying it out after our trip last year so I booked trains and the day off work and spent some time reading and re-reading the fabulous menu.

Individual printed menu cards (of course I took mine away with me)

On arriving in Glasgow we had a leisurely wander round the shops (I can only hope Aberdeen will one day have an Urban Outfitters) but were both very well behaved and didn’t purchase anything. Come payday I will be buying this though…

These are a few of my favourite things

A quick scoot round the Argyll Arcade, swooning over beautiful rings that we could only dream of treating ourselves to, and we made our way out to the restaurant. It was dry and bright and Google maps assured us it was easily walkable. We both like walking if we can as you see much more around you when on foot.

Arriving at our destination with time to spare, we popped across the road to The Finnieston for a drink. It’s a lovely bar and restaurant which has an extensive gin selection, making it somewhere I like to visit if I’m out in that part of Glasgow! I’ve yet to sample the food but have heard really good things about it so will have to make a return trip.

I went for an Aviation G&T. Classic, crisp and delicious. Leanne went for something fruitier which was also rather tasty! We had obviously gotten a little too relaxed and ended up having to down half our drinks before skipping back over to Nico for our table.

Once settled we confirmed to the waitress we were happy to do the tasting menu with no substitutions or alternative ingredients.

We ordered the aperitif and the snack to get started.

A pineapple and basil margarita – lovely

The snack involved some fresh bread with whipped paprika butter (yum) and beautiful olives in a spicy pickled dressing alongside two little quesadillas with a jalapeno ketchup, roasted peppers, guac and some fresh salsa. This being a sign of things to come made both of us very happy.

The courses were timed well, not leaving us feeling as though they wanted the table back as quick as they could get it and the staff were friendly and clearly well versed in the menu!

Feast your eyes (appropriate) on this…

Chicken thigh taco with strawberry salsa guac and sour cream. Easily one of our favourites!

And this…

Tomato dusted nachos with heritage tomatoes, queso fresco and avocado gazpacho. Simple flavours combined into something wonderful. Can safely say my nachos at home do not look like that!

And this…

This was probably my other standout dish and I would have been the last person to have guessed that before we ate. The most flavourful sweetcorn risotto with green chorizo, roasted red peppers, a tangy salsa to counter the sweetness of the risotto, crunchy corn kernels (good ones not like uncooked popcorn) and some charred baby corn. It was delightful!

Three courses down and three to go there was no letting up. Next was the seafood course which I had my concerns about as it involved mussels *insert queasy face here*.

Seabass Chilpachole Mixto (to give it the actual menu title) was a pleasant surprise. The seabass was cooked beautifully, the skin perfectly crispy with new potatoes, pickled veg and some zesty orange segments, a tasty crab mole and sikil pak (a pumpkin seed dip – tasty). While I won’t be rushing to eat mussels again, the flavours from the rest of the plate all worked together nicely.

Pork cheek barbacoa with refried beans, rainbow chard, tomatillo and crackling. If I had to drop a dish off the menu I’ll be honest it would probably be this one (yes even over the seabass). It just didn’t feel like it matched the level of the other dishes for me. Not bad but equally nothing wow.

It was a good thing pudding pulled it back for me.

Chocolate taco, tonka bean ganache, banana ice cream (would have said it was more like a sorbet but lovely nonetheless), banana bread and chipotle caramel. Lots of textures and just the right kick of heat to make it tingle. A great finish to an overall stunning meal.

To have five courses out of six really be something special and even the sixth just be me being particularly critical, is in my book a resounding success.

If you’ve been let me know what you thought. If you haven’t and you have plans to be in Glasgow, make sure to go!

I already want to try their next menu – cooking the seventies. Sounds right up my (Penny) Lane (I’m not even sorry).

We rolled back into town and made a beeline for one of our other must visits in Glasgow. Tantrum Doughnuts.


Obviously we weren’t about to eat anything else but we had to take something home with us!

Clockwise from back left: creme brulee, millionaires, pb&j and milk & cookies. The creme brulee is always my favourite but the milk & cookies was lovely. I didn’t get a look in at the pb&j and we were a bit late to the millionaires so it was a little dry which was a shame. Just means we have to go back!

It’s taken me ages to get to writing this sorry. Hope you enjoy though.

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